A Cut Above the Rest: the Chef’s Depot Guide to Kitchen Knives

Any professional chef will tell you that the knife you use to prepare your food makes a huge difference. There is a wide array of knives for different uses and knowing which ones to use and when makes chopping, dicing, and slicing a whole lot easier. Keep reading to find out their different  uses in the kitchen and find out which knives make the cut!


The king of kitchen knives is without a doubt the chef’s knife. Also known as the cook’s knife, this knife can be used for most tasks in the kitchen including cutting fruit and vegetables and slicing meat and fish. Although the chef’s knife has many uses it also has its limitations. Cutting poultry and skinning vegetables should be done with a smaller knife. When looking for the perfect chef’s knife you should find a knife that is comfortable to hold with a little bit of weight to cut through tougher foods.


Serrated knives are ideal for slicing foods such as bread, tomato, eggplant or any other food with a slippery surface but should be avoided when chopping foods or slicing smaller foods like berries. Make sure you choose the correct sized teeth (the serrated edge of the knife) for slicing. Versatile serrated knives should have medium-sized teeth to slice foods effectively.


When slicing or chopping up smaller foods and peeling fruits and vegetables, a paring knife is your best friend. These smaller knives work well if you’re paying attention to detail in the kitchen. They should be avoided when chopping tougher foods as they’re small and aren’t heavy enough to do the job effectively and safely.


A boning knife is perfect when it comes to slicing meat off the bone. This sharp and flexible knife shouldn’t be used to cut through bone but rather around it. It’s able to cut through joints and cartilage to effectively separate meat from the bone.


You can’t have an excellent set of knives without keeping them in top shape. To keep your knives as sharp as possible you’ll also need a sharpening steel. Every knife, with the exception of serrated knives, should be sharpened after every use. It is also recommended that you get your knives professionally sharpened once a year.

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