Coffee…. without a doubt one of the most loved pick-me-ups in the world… a truly wonderful psychoactive phenomenon that quite literally triggered a new era of enlightenment!  As history records, in 18th century Europe, beer was consumed throughout the day (including at breakfast) in order to avoid unsafe water supplies. This naturally meant that people […]



One of the rocketing food trends of the new decade that isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, is plant-based eating. And, whether you’re an impassioned carnivore or not, it’s certainly worth some serious consideration. Because even if you have no interest in becoming a vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian, an all-new flexitarian lifestyle might just […]


Glassware and Gastronomy… and how to pick the perfect pair. Whether you’re a discerning home foodie or a professional restaurateur, there’s nothing more pleasurable than sitting down to a beautifully presented meal. Every element of a satisfactory culinary experience should be about enticement, and part of this delicate art is getting your glassware right. The […]

How To Engage With Your Restaurant’s Customers During COVID-19 Lockdown

While trade may be down (or halted altogether) there are still important things you can do during lockdown to look after your restaurant: Communicate with your customer. Small independent businesses don’t have the luxury of slick communication executives. So, in an effort to help, we’ve rounded up a crisis communications checklist to help your restaurant […]

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