Cooking with Gas

While the advent of the electric stove took the world by storm some decades ago, cooking with gas is certainly NOT a thing of the past, as gas stoves have seen a recent revival, with its popularity steadily increasing. The gas stove’s popularity is largely due to the numerous advantages which they offer, in comparison to their electric counterparts.

One of the reasons as to why gas is preferred by many is because gas is easy to control. With a simple turn of the dial, the flame gets bigger or smaller so that the change in heat is immediate and precise. With gas, you do not have to wait for your pot or pan to heat up or cool down, making cooking much faster and more efficient.

To cook on a flat, electric stove top, your cookware needs to be flat in order to achieve even heat distribution. However, when using a gas stove, gas heats up the cookware centrally, ensuring even heat distribution. In addition, gas cooktops tend to be safer as they are cooler when turned off.

Electric cooktops discharge more heat than those powered by gas, generating excess heat in your home. Gas cooktops not only keep your home cooler when they’re on but as soon as you turn them off, the flame is extinguished and the heat source quickly vanishes.

With power cuts on the rise in South Africa, having gas will ensure that cooking can go on uninterrupted. Although electricity is needed to power the ignition, it is easy to simply light the burner with a match.

Gas cookers can be pricier than their electric counterparts, however, in the long run, the operating costs of using gas over electricity are much lower.

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