Dehydrating Food

What Is Dehydration?

Dehydration is an ancient and natural way to prolong the preservation of foods while maintaining authentic flavour. The elimination of water from food actually slows down the growth of microorganisms and preserves the organoleptic properties of fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, pasta, fish and meat over a long period of time. The most effective way for proper

dehydration is to expose food to ventilated hot air, which speed and temperature must be appropriately adjusted. Atacama allows a controlled dehydrating process, completely graduable

according to the type of food.  

In a few cases, it is not advised to dehydrate foods with very high-fat contents.  For these types of foods, the best solution is vacuum packing.


5 Great Benefits of Dehydrating

  1. All that is needed when dehydrating is hot air and some time.  It’s all natural. There is no need for extra sugars or chemical.


  1. Dehydrating foods is simple.  You do not require any specific skills and can be done at home.
  2. It helps you get creative in the kitchen and experiment with new recipes.
  3. It is a practical way to preserve and consume without wastage.
  4. It’s the cheaper option and allows for little or no wastage.

At Chef’s Depot, we have the perfect tool to assist you with dehydrating.  It is the Atacama Dehydrator by Tres Spade. Original design, Italian quality and extremely practical to use for the natural dehydration of any kind of food. Perfect for kitchen professionals and enthusiastic foodies, Atacama offers a whole range of solutions coupled with outstanding features: compactness, solidity and the special horizontal air flow system which always ensures a uniform, effective dehydration.  Visit to get yours.

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