Top Foodservice Trends for 2020

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need to stay on trend and think ahead. But we get it – you’re seriously busy making great food and don’t have time to read the research. Well, you’ve come to the right place because at Chef’s Depot we pride ourselves on being innovators in the field of foodservice. So we’ve rounded up the top foodservice trends for 2020.

Facing forward
Customers are now accustomed to open kitchens meaning that what was once hidden, is now on display. Features like transparent windows that connect kitchen to the server to the customer, now offer a front-seat view of your customer’s food in the making. And further offering greater visibility for the chefs. Meaning it really matters what your kitchen equipment and fittings look like as they are now an extension of your brand.

Reducing the footprint
As rent increases, restauranteurs are downsizing back of house operations. This means smaller kitchens that require smaller equipment. This is also seen with the rise of food trucks, small pop-up eateries and food hall booths that need equipment that is small enough to fit on top of counters and free up square meters elsewhere.

Less Waste
Thanks to the Greta Thurnburgs of the world, all eyes are on the environment. Many restauranteurs are doing their bit by striving for zero waste kitchens: They are ordering more strategically, creating clever ways to reuse all their products and dropping non-eco-friendly disposables in their stores.

Healthy food on the move
People are more savy and care about what they put into their bodies. This means that healthy grab-and-go meals are on the rise. This trend can already even be seen in supermarkets where ready-made healthy meals can be picked up and eaten right away. Adding this to your menu is a great way to up your bottom line.

Creative kiddies menus
Gone are the days of only nuggets and chips. As parents’ gain more sophisticated and mindful palettes, the pressure is on to offer their kids innovative options for their kids as well. While pizza and nuggets may well have their takers, consider new creative additions like plant-based proteins, organic veggies and complex carbs like quinoa.

Eat more plants
The omnivores are finally getting the attention they deserve with more plant-based options on the menu. 2020 will see an increase of healthy and sustainable options on the menu. Also extending into non-dairy milk and plant-based proteins like the Beyond Meat and Impossible Pork.

Allergen-free prep space
2019 saw a growing awareness of the Big 8 Allergens. As someone in the foodservice industry it is your responsibility to educate yourself on what your customer might be wary of. Many kitchens are now accommodating these insights by creating allergen-friendly workspaces in their kitchens. Giving a customer’s peace of mind and developing trust and loyalty.

Embracing tech
It’s no surprise that smartphones are revolutionizing how we find, order and eat our food. Now savvy restauranteurs are harnessing the power of technology and using tech to streamline their businesses, mine for new customers, get to know who is already buying from them and what they can do entice them to return.

Top food businesses understand trends
The best in the business watch what’s happening outside their own eatery, adapt and adopt. Offering your customer something exciting can make all the difference to your establishment. Now we’re not suggesting that you grab onto all of them! You still need to remain true to your brand. But what we are suggesting that by simply identifying one or two that suit your customer, and then doing them well, you will be well on your way to providing a better service that your customer will appreciate and return for more.

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