Why Should I Colour-code my Kitchen?

In every professional kitchen, hygiene is a top priority. There’s nothing worse than cooking an incredible meal and finding out the next day that those who ate it fell ill, or someone’s allergies started acting up because of your food. Everyone knows how important it is to wash your hands before handling food, but how do you avoid cross-contamination and food borne illnesses while preparing your meal?


Food borne illnesses are caused by harmful bacteria and viruses in food. It is particularly important to avoid cross-contamination between raw meat and other ingredients to minimise the risk of common food borne illnesses such as salmonella. One of the best ways to prevent food poisoning and cross-contamination is to use separate cooking utensils for different food groups. The only way to ensure that your food is 100% safe during cooking is to colour code your utensils and chopping boards so that you don’t accidentally mix them up. The Food Standards Agency recommends that you assign these colours to your chopping boards and utensils:


Red – Raw Meat
Blue – Raw Fish
Yellow – Cooked Meat
Brown – Vegetables
Green – Salads & Fruit
White – Bakery & Dairy


So if you’ve been using one chopping board for all your ingredients you might want to rethink your safety standards in the kitchen. Chefs Depot is here to assist in making your kitchen multi-coloured and extra safe. With a wide range of colourful, high-quality boards and utensils delivered straight to your door you’ll never have to worry again about cross-contamination or food borne illnesses when preparing your dishes.

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