4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Restaurant Virus-Free

COVID-19 is panning out to be a very bad dream for the restaurant business. But there are
things that can be done to lessen the impact, by protecting your employees and customers
as the trade starts up again. Here the onus rests on you to set up in-store safety and precaution
systems to mitigate risk. Once that’s in place, it really comes down to changing the
culture to integrate these new habits. So what are the top 4 ways to keep your restaurant

1. Wash your hands, often

The virus is held together by a lipid bilayer that ‘glues’ the virus together. Antibacterial
soaps are successful at dissolving this layer and disassembling the virus. Explain this to your
staff and implement the 20-second hand-washing rule across your business.

2. Disinfect commonly used surfaces frequently

It is essential that restaurant staff disinfect, wipe and clean door handles, table tops, POS
and food prep surface frequently.

3. Where possible remove the element of touch altogether

Chef’s Depot has a unique social distancing product for doors and door handles The Eazi-
Pull Personal Door Opener is a personal carry device that allows you to open doors, push
buttons and carry items, avoiding direct contact to your hands. Similarly, the Eazi-open
hands-free door-opener offers an easy solution to safely open non-latching, self-closing
doors such as used in restrooms and restaurants. All parts are included as well as an
adhesive decal to stick onto the door for awareness. The product is made of a high-quality
stainless-steel construction which then mounts to the base of existing doors. The beauty of
this product is that it also allows non-latching doors to be opened using your foot,
completely preventing contact with door handles.

4. Implement contactless ordering

This can be done by using a delivery service, by insisting on online payment or
using other contactless payment measures like Snapscan or Zapper. Where
possible, cash should not be used and people should avoid touching POS
systems altogether.

The bottom line

While business is starting up again, now is the time to train staff into new
habits that will ensure the safety of your customers, staff and business overall.
Where possible, implement tools to make everyone’s lives easier, and then
work as a team to reinforce good hygiene and sanitization practices. For more

information on the Eazi-Pool Personal Door Opener or Eazi-open hands-free
door opener, contact Chef’s Depot today.

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