Glassware and Gastronomy… and how to pick the perfect pair.

Whether you’re a discerning home foodie or a professional restaurateur, there’s nothing more pleasurable than sitting down to a beautifully presented meal. Every element of a satisfactory culinary experience should be about enticement, and part of this delicate art is getting your glassware right.

The perfect pairing of beverage and food alludes to the ultimate in gastronomic contentment, so naturally choosing the right vessel should be fairly high on your priority list. 

Bormioli Rocco excellence

With almost two hundred years of quality production under their belt, leading Italian glass manufacturers, Bormioli Rocco, supply a superlative range of products that are thoughtfully designed to enhance the ambience of any establishment. Their legendary passion for style and quality hasn’t stopped them from staying ahead of current trends, so whether you’re looking for the ultimate in elegance or something more robust, they have it covered!

Understanding the class of your glass

Choosing the ultimate glassware comes down to grasping the essence of your business and customer base. Naturally fine dining is all about the appearance of class, so the purity, clarity and brightness of lead-free crystal (or star glass) would be an obvious choice. If, on the other hand, you’re running a pub, a more sturdy option would be appropriate, and for this the strength and high transparency of a foodservice glass is ideal. If your usage frequency is much higher, then you should consider tempered glass for it’s high resistance to both thermal and mechanical shock. 

It’s all in your hands

At the end of the day, finding ways to please the discerning drinker is of paramount importance and, aside from the obvious attraction of a sparklingly clean, high quality, easy to hold glass, it’s always smart to stay in vogue. So let your champagne glasses speak of long stems and bubbles, your whisky glasses reminisce about classy refinement, show off the sheer satisfaction of a crisp beer with a nod to time-honoured tradition and let your cocktails be playful and bold! And remember that, whatever your needs, Chef’s Depot and the Bormioli Rocco glassware collection will always provide you with the perfect choice!

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