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For most a cup of coffee forms part of their daily routine, a pick me up in the morning, a way to make it through long days and nights, or simply something to enjoy with friends and colleagues at a trendy café. Internationally coffee is becoming more popular and consumers tend to be more particular when selecting their perfect cup based on the quality of the beans, where they come from, sustainability, and the roasting process.
With the demand for premium coffees on the rise, South Africans’ interests are leaning towards Nespresso and other capsule/pod-based coffees. Due to rising affluence and changing consumer tastes, younger consumers are showing more interest in coffees such as flavoured coffee and speciality products This group are also more likely to experiment with new drink types, brands and flavours.

Current Hot Coffee Trends

Nitro Coffee

This trend has been gaining popularity for some time now, but is said to be one of 2018’s hottest (in this case, coldest) coffee trends. Nitro coffee is cold brewed and infused with nitrogen which affects the taste and texture. Nitro coffee is usually stored in a keg and poured from a tap leaving the top wonderfully foamy when poured.

Café Au Lait Bowls

This one’s all about presentation and trendiness. How do you spice up your usual milky cup of coffee? By simply drinking it out of a beautiful bowl of course! Yes, I am scratching my head too. Apparently, it’s gaining popularity amongst the younger crowd thanks to Instagram. Café au Lait is French for “coffee with milk” and is basically just coffee with hot milk added to it.

Coffee in a Cone

Enjoying your coffee in a sugar cone started trending in 2017 already, with ​The Grind Coffee Company​ leading the way in South Africa. As the hashtag (#coffeeinacone) has been used over a million times already, this trend is gaining popularity quickly and will probably continue to grow in 2019.

Hot Feature

With coffee comes the baristas that brew up these cups of deliciousness. Our featured Barista is Winston Thomas. He has been crowned SA’s Barista Champion for 2 year in a row.
Cape Town born, Thomas was a former DJ and student when he first heard making coffee could be a serious job when he read an article about a woman who complained about bad coffee in Somerset West. It sparked his interest, so when he finished university he signed up.
Thomas says on the African continent there are great coffee bean options and we need to showcase that. At the World Barista Championships in Amsterdam last year, Thomas showed off his skill by brewing a sought-after Ethiopian bean that smells of strawberry and roses. The beans come from the ​Gesha Coffee Farm​ in Ethiopia, situated near its border with Sudan.
We look forward to seeing what Winston has planned for 2019.

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