Did You Know???

Did you know that Chef’s Depot is one of the few stockists in South Africa of the highest
quality kitchen utensils, industrial cookware and commercial kitchen appliances from
many top brands sourced from both local and international platforms?

A little sneak preview into some of the most elite brands that our clients use most often:


Anvil is one of South Africa’s most recognized and widely accepted brands within the
commercial foodservice equipment industry. They are an experienced appliance
equipment manufacturer, who place a strong emphasis on the use of high-quality
material and components in their products thus ensuring products are built to last. These
products are designed, sourced and produced with the end-user in mind.


Carlisle Food Service Products are the leading provider of innovative, professional grade
product solutions to the foodservice, healthcare, and janitorial markets. Their focus is on
continuously improving the Carlisle brand by developing the best products, ensuring the
highest quality, and providing unequalled customer service.

Hamilton Beach

As one of the country’s leading distributors of small kitchen appliances, Hamilton Beach
Brands, Inc. sells over 34 million appliances every year.
Hamilton Beach Brands Holding Company is an American designer, marketer and distributor
of home appliances and commercial restaurant.
Hamilton Beach is product quality proud and is committed to helping make life in any
kitchen, bar or restaurant a little easier.

Robot Coupe

It is in France, in the heart of Burgundy, a well-known region for its gastronomy, that
Robot-coupe has created more than 40 years ago the Robot-Coupe food processor.

As a precursor and uncontested leader, Robot-coupe, manufacturer of food preparation
equipment, offers a wide range of machines adapted to each professional needs
(restaurants, institutions, delicatessens, caterers…).

Robot Coupe has been the foodservice industry leader in the development and
refinement of commercial food processors and vegetable preparation units.

Because of the company’s dedication to producing the very best product available, its
commitment to research and development, and its constant striving to give its customers
the best customer and service support available, the Robot Coupe Commercial Food
Processor has become the worldwide “standard of the industry” for the entire food
processing industry-restaurants, schools, correction facilities, hospitals, nursing homes,
cruise ships, and delicatessens.

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