Six tips for setting up a professional kitchen in your Bed and Breakfast

What are the two most important parts of a Bed and Breakfast? You guessed it – the beds and the breakfasts. Meaning once you have a great property, good mattresses, and crisp linen, the kitchen needs to be up to standard and equipped to cook. A well-resourced kitchen is central to the success of any guest lodge. So here are our six top tips for setting up a professional kitchen in your bed and breakfast.

  • Customize the kitchen in your Bed and Breakfast

Chef’s Depot says, “First and foremost, ensure that the kitchen in your guest lodge works in a way that will best serve your guests.” Meaning that it may not be necessary to have all the workings of commercial catering equipment. But it helps to think like a commercial chef. Starting with understanding how to be best equipped to handle multiple orders. Cold eggs lead to bad reviews, so customize your kitchen with everything you need to satisfy your guests each morning.


  • Consider the warranty on your kitchenware

If you are cooking for multiple families or groups on a daily basis, you need to ensure that you have the correct warranties in place. Using domestic appliances, for example, will not handle high wear-and-tear. Meaning you will need to replace items quicker. Your service provider may pick this up and elect not to honour the warranty on your appliances. So decide carefully what you need upfront as the cost of commercial catering equipment may outweigh the headaches of domestic repairs down the line.

  • Have the correct insurance in place

In the same way, you would insure your property for damages and liabilities, make sure you ensure your catering equipment as well. Your insurance company will need to know what you are using your kitchen so that they can ensure you accordingly. It never hurts to be prepared. 

  • Equip your bed and breakfast kitchen with many dining options

Keep in mind that it’s the little things that count when it comes to a well-oiled Bed and Breakfast. Guests (especially international ones) expect good coffee. We recommend the Esprecious 12 Espresso machine to give your guests the best drinking experience. Do you cater to kids? Offer waffles to your younger guests with the Anvil Waffle Baker. And then let’s face it- waiting for the toast can really kill a meal. So our 9-slice Anvil Toaster is the ideal choice for fast, well-timed service. We have a wide range of other products that will elevate your service and your options so visit our website for more on offer.

  • Your guest lodge kitchen should be practical and forward-thinking

When running a kitchen in a Bed and Breakfast, you must be practical at all times. A large work surface will ensure ample room to manage orders, run prep and ensure organised logistics. Chef’s Depot can help you customise your workspace counter making sure you have both flow and functionality.

Also, ensure you have a gas cooking option. We do live in South Africa and our power is often unpredictable. The Anvil Gas Stove will ensure you can always serve hot meals, regardless of power cuts.

  • Keep your menu interesting and your table appealing

Menu planning is vital. Plan your menus ahead of time. Keep them seasonal and ensure you have the right equipment to handle all types of orders. At Chef’s Depot, we also have an extensive recipe list, which is best suited for all our recommended products. Not only that, but Chef’s Depot can assist with tableware and associated products for your bar area and dining room.

Take your Bed and Breakfast to the next level with Chef’s Depot

Running a Bed and Breakfast is no easy task. But with careful planning, the right partner and a well-equipped kitchen, you will lock in rave reviews and keep your guests coming back for more.

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