Coffee…. without a doubt one of the most loved pick-me-ups in the world… a truly wonderful psychoactive phenomenon that quite literally triggered a new era of enlightenment! 

As history records, in 18th century Europe, beer was consumed throughout the day (including at breakfast) in order to avoid unsafe water supplies. This naturally meant that people were permanently intoxicated and, as a result, mentally unproductive. When coffee was finally introduced, it spurred on a whole new era of thinking and even initiated coffee houses, where men would congregate to share ideas, trade, and discuss business proposals and their plans for the future. This, incredibly, led to the Industrial Revolution.

Brewing Up A Storm

With a colourful history and after several attempts by various countries to have it banned for its “mind altering” capabilities, coffee has more recently become the drink of connoisseurs. Working as a barista is a serious business and it takes several years of intensive education before one becomes a master. Part of training for the job includes understanding the origins, production methods and machinery attached to the industry… and serving it is now considered a calling rather than a hobby.

Recent coffee trends have stretched beyond mere imaginings and, if you’re a keen follower of such things, you can look forward to some interesting variants. This year has given rise to cold brewed coffee for the summer months, buttered (or Bulletproof) coffee for an energy surge, nitrogen fuelled coffee (a refreshing beer-like beverage), coffee mocktails and even Cascara coffee… which is a herbal coffee tea made from the cherry (husk) of the coffee bean and is dubbed as being a super-food.

There is also a heightened consciousness about sustainable growth in the coffee industry and most discerning drinkers now take a keen interest in the hows, whys and whens of its production. 

Health Perks 

The very good news is that coffee, although high in caffeine, has some wonderful health perks! Aside from containing essential nutrients like potassium, manganese and a plethora of vitamin Bs, it also may help you live longer. 

Research shows that it can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, protect your liver, lower the risk of certain cancers and protect you from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It is also a powerful antioxidant, fights depression and… as so many of us have experienced first hand… coffee can make you happier!

Your Daily Grind

So if you’re a die-hard coffee fanatic and absolutely need your daily grind, then have a look at our range of coffee machines, warmers, espresso stations, percolators, grinders, pots and cups…. all available at Chef’s Depot!

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