The Importance of a great B & B Breakfast and How Your B & B Can Stay On Trend


Not only is breakfast the most important meal of the day, but it’s also the most important aspect of a great Bed and Breakfast. Your Guest Lodge could have all the bells and whistles like beautiful bedding, luxurious turn-down services and fluffy towels, but if your breakfast isn’t up to scratch you can kiss those rave reviews goodbye. Says Alison Couper, senior director of global communications for, “Travellers have become fixated on where their next meal is coming from’. Meaning that your Bed and Breakfast needs to deliver because breakfast is fast becoming the most important hotel amenity for guests when booking their bed and breakfast.

Why is the best breakfast so vital to guests?

According to a recent survey that Google conducted – 42,4% of Bed and Breakfast guest’s sited breakfast as the Number 1 amenity they look forward to on holiday. This is due to a range of reasons: Firstly bear in mind that guests often travel from far to reach your destination. This means that they usually have no idea about the new surrounds including where to find good breakfast, that’s where you come in. It is also so comforting for foreigners to sit down to a ready-made meal when they are away from home. In fact, if your guest lodge is nice enough, they may even prefer to stay put for the first half of the day. A nice breakfast will secure them that luxury.

So what are the big breakfast trends for B & B’s?

Traditional and Ethnic

These menus are for the travellers looking to expand their horizons. Take advantage of your location and serve local delicacies that speak of your area’s heritage and homegrown flavour.

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Fresh and organic

Many guests that pass through your establishment are going to be looking for health-conscious varieties. So make sure you have fresh fruit baskets, nuts, organic breadbaskets and oatmeal on hand. 

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Protein-minded meals

Fitness fanatics are going to prefer protein-packed meals like egg-white omelettes and grilled veggies like spinach, mushroom and tomatoes. Also read up on the intricacies of Banting Diets, ensuring you are catering to a variety of health and fitness-minded guests.

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Yoghurt and Smoothie Bowls

A simple staple like yoghurt is now delivered with a twist. The angle is all in how it’s served. Enter: The Smoothie Bowl. Where this differs from the traditional smoothie is that the consistency of a smoothie bowl is thicker, served in a bowl and eaten with a spoon. All you need to do is offer a variety of mix-ins like yoghurt, avo, mueslis and fruit. Then ensure you have the right blender like the Vitamix T&G Blender. Now your guests can select all their favourites and create a one of kind smoothie bowl.


Turn breakfast into a revenue generator


If your bed and breakfast offer breakfast as an add-on, this is an easy upsell. Consider a breakfast-in-bed package or suggest this addition when they call to book a room. This will also help you plan menus and quantities ahead of time, as guest won’t ask to be seated last minute. 


Stay on top of the breakfast bandwagon


Breakfast is the other half of your name for good reason. So grab the challenge with both hands and stay on top of all things ‘breakfast’. With the right kitchen equipment, knowledge and know-how, your bed and breakfast will quickly rake in the reviews and hashtags, one serving at a time.

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