Don’t overlook the importance of breakfast at your B&B


It says it right there in the latter half of your name: ‘Breakfast’ is 50% of what
you’re offering. So it’s best that you do your namesake justice and take your
breakfasts up a notch. Whether it is delicious bacon and eggs or syrupy waffles,
make sure your guest lodge is equipped to create mouth-watering breakfasts
that will keep your guests full and happy.

It’s right there in the numbers

In a recent survey of over 600 Bed and Breakfast owners and 1500 guest, great
breakfasts came up as a top priority for most visitors. 91% of guest lodge visitors
prefer a ‘breakfast included’ option. Most B & B owners (71%) offer set breakfast
menus, while 22% offer a cooked-to-order breakfast and 13% offer continental

Consider your options

It is important to assess the layout of your guest lodge to understand what is
viable and what will get the best hot breakfast onto their tables, fastest. Part of
this decision comes down to understanding who your guest is and what they
would like best. Would they prefer delicious bacon and eggs served within a set
period of the morning or are they comfortable ordering their crispy waffles the
night before? Most Bed and Breakfast owners find that a flexible approach works
best. Especially if you cater to international guests who have different
expectations to what you might be used to.

waffel machine

Brilliant breakfasts make or break a B &B

Making a memorable breakfast is everything when it comes to running your
guest lodge. However with only so many hours in the day, it can be tough coming
up with innovative ideas to spice up good old eggs and bacon. Consider mixing
things up by combining your breakfast concept with other dinner ideas. Like
adding fried eggs and bacon bits to a pizza base with fresh herbs, mushrooms,
local cheese and balsamic glaze. When it comes to pancakes and waffles, think
outside the box with oatmeal bases and interesting savoury toppings.

Make sure your catering equipment is up to the task

Now you have all these incredible ideas to make bacon and eggs to the next level,
but how are you going to make it all happen? Make sure you have a state-of-the-
art eggs and bacon griller. This will ensure crispy bacon and perfectly fried eggs.
Waffle makers are a must for kiddie’s breakfasts as well as savoury slices that
will make guests of all ages come running back for more. When it comes to
kitchen catering equipment, quality is key. Features like Teflon, temperature
control and ergonomic design is key, so make sure your equipment can help you
rise to this culinary challenge.


Make that plate #PicturePerfect

In today’s Insta-obsessed environment, a picture is worth a thousand bookings.
People eat with their eyes first so make sure that breakfast plate is styled to
absolute perfection. By enticing your guests to photograph and share their food,
you are using your guest lodge’s breakfast buffet to extend your marketing
campaign and draw in customers through word-of-mouth. Tips of the trade
include using sauces to add colour, and building height to bring interest to the
eye. Never use inedible garnish and avoid garnishing the rim of the bowl.

Breakfast is your unique selling point

With breakfast being the other half of your offering, it is essential that it sells
itself each and every sunrise. By ensuring you have the right catering equipment,
a fresh take on old recipes and picture-perfect plating, you will be doing your
namesake proud. So make sure that you’re not just making your guest a plate of
eggs…make sure you’re making their morning too!

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