The Perfect Pie

How Do You Warm Your Winter Heart? It’s As Easy As Pie… 

As we huddle up against the remnants of winter and brace ourselves for the inevitable August winds, nothing seems more fulfilling than the notion of a perfect pie. Enveloped lovingly in the finest puff, short-crust or phyllo pastry, this king of comfort is guaranteed to give you the lift you need to make it all the way to spring!

Filling The Gap

Pie-making is undoubtedly an art. There’s a delicate balance between the unctuousness of a buttery exterior and the warmth of its rich, flavoursome filling. And what could be more disappointing than when you bite into one and receive nothing more than a mouthful of dough and a blast of hot air? So whether you’re into steak and kidney, spinach and feta, or spiced apple, make sure that you exercise generosity and really fill the gap! 

Inner Innovations

These days, pies take on a plethora of possibilities. From turnovers, lattice tops and crumbles to pot pies and pasties, their interiors span the vast divide between modern and classic.. and everything in between! New trends encompass savory, sweet, earthy, and spicy… so filling a pie is simply a stretch of one’s imagination! Our hot favorites include lamb and pear, beef and bone marrow, key lime and rhubarb and strawberry… but with so many to choose from, the list goes on and on!

Get Yourself Rolling

If, like us, your creative juices are flowing, then why not browse our website for our wonderful range of rolling pins, pastry brushes, pie dishes, convection ovens and pie warmers, Chef’s Depot has everything you need to make sure that your customers get their perfect piece of the pie!

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