Warm up your Bed and Breakfast guests with these winter kitchen equipment wonders

Guests often run to warmer destinations during Winter. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t provide cosy winter options to attract guest during the colder months too. We’ve rounded up three of the best kitchen products and other homely tips to elevate your service offering during the cooler months.

Gas stoves make meals more homely

The beauty of a Bed and Breakfast is that it feels a little like home. This is communicated in the finer details like the way food is cooked. A gas stove allows you to control your temperatures far more effectively than electric stoves. Greater control over your warm meals means better taste and happier customers. Consider top equipment like our gas anvil stove. Your guests will thank you in the morning. 

Warm-up your Bed and Breakfast guests with a winter boiler urn

It is essential to offer warm drinks to your Bed and Breakfast patrons. So you cannot go without a top-performing water boiler urn providing tea, coffee, hot chocolate and even oats on demand. Ensure your winter boiler urn has top safety features in place to prevent overheating because no Bed and Breakfast owner wants to rely on a kettle at morning rush hour.



A bain-marie is essential for a memorable hot breakfast

With our bain Marie equipment, you can ensure that your breakfast buffets offer all the delicious and piping-hot options. This not only provides menu diversity but it will also take the pressure off your kitchen by providing on-demand warm dishes.


Add other warm touches throughout your Bed and Breakfast

Culinary equipment leaders Chef’s Depot advises, “Let your guests know that you are thinking about their warmth and comfort all day long. You began with breakfast but now extend this courtesy throughout the day.” Special touches like lighting the fireplace, offering blankets on the veranda and providing toasty beds with pre-warmed hot blankets as part of your turndown service, will make all the difference. Add to that a warm smile and friendly service, and you have yourself a hot recipe for attracting winter business.

Offer 360 Degree Winter Warmers

It’s not winter that people shy from, it’s being cold that they hate. So if you can offer a 360-degree dimension to keeping your guest warm during winter, the cooler months shouldn’t hinder business in the slightest. 

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